Does music producer need vocal samples ?

Many music producers use third party products and services to make their musical productions. This can be audio samples and loops that they can use within all types of music arrangements. There are many websites over the internet, where such resources are available to buy or even download for free. Depending on the quality of such products, the price can be lower or higher. Such samples are available probably for all genres and they can be offered in many formats like wav, sf2 and more, for many music applications.

Among these samples, many rare things can be found. One of them are acapellas for using in musical arrangements, good for building the tracks in case the music producer doesn’t have a singer, or he can’t afford it, but still wants to produce nice vocal tracks. Vocal tracks are usually easier to promote. There are 2 types of acapellas, royalty-free, or non-royalty-free. In this second case royalties must be forwarded to the original songwriter in case of official release. In the first case, producer is free from forwarding royalties. Royalty-free acapellas are very rare, because not many songwriters decide to offer their work for one-off payment.

Another type of vocal samples is acapellas for remixing. They are given by artists who made original vocal tracks and need to have some remixes of the track that is going to be released by the music label. In this case, producer who is remixing the track cannot of course release the track as his own. So purchasing royalty-free acapellas may seem sometimes a better option for the music producer.

Vocal samples can be male or female. Among the male vocals, there are many MCs acapellas based on rhythmic phrases without any melody. Female vocals more often contain melodic vocal lines. There are some advantages and disadvantages of using third party acapellas and vocal samples available on the internet. They are easily accesible in case the producer doesn’t have an access to the singer, that is a good thing. They are good for beginners who are in the process of improving skills and they don’t need a real singer. From the other side, they can be used by many producers over the world in their tracks and that is not a good thing. That is not a good thing in case the producer wants to be one hundred percent unique. But of course, this is a matter of individual approach. Every producer has the right to do what he thinks is good for him.

Generally using third party samples to make music can be an extensive discussion, but music producers are using such samples very often. There are many sample collections on the internet, that simply make music production much easier. Having more tools causes more positive vibes for the producer, because his music at the end can be more refined. Finally we have to say that acapellas for music producers are certainly one of the products, that are able to bring many, many positive vibes to the producer.


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